Saving Precious Lives Together

Purrfect Pairings

Virtually Foster a Litter of Orphaned Kittens

The lives of these delicate creatures are in your hands. When a litter of kittens is orphaned, or their mother is unable to feed them, the situation can become critical. For these orphaned kittens to thrive they need extra around the clock care, as well as enough nourishment to grow strong, timely veterinarian preventative care and somewhere to curl up together that is safe and warm.


Of the 800 kittens we will see over the course of the 2019 kitten season as many as 300 may be orphaned and in need of this extra attentive care.


Your gift of $200 will ensure a litter of five orphaned kittens receives all the hands-on care they need for a healthy start to life.

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$ 200.00
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